Heaven: Sooner Than You Think

When we die and leave these bodies we will have wonderful new bodies in heaven.  II Corinthians 5:1 (Living Bible)

We all know that in heaven we shall have brand-new bodies that are strong, beautiful, tireless, and healthy.  But we usually think that we will not receive them until Jesus comes again.

But in II Corinthians 5 Paul gives the impression that we will be given new bodies the moment that we die.  The idea that we will ever be without a body is quite unthinkable.

We know that immediately after death a Christian is more alive than ever; that he is in perfect bliss; that he is in the presence of Christ; that it is far better for him than this life. (Philippians 1:21,23)  But it is hard for all this to be true if a person does not possess any kind of a body for those countless years between his death and the Second Coming.  This is hardly being “alive.”  It is surely not what we think of as being truly human.

One reason why it is hard to think of some one having a new body immediately after death is the fact that we can see the old earthly body lying right before our eyes.  But the body that is buried is not the one that shall arise; that kind of “flesh and blood can not inherit the Kingdom.” (I Corinthians 15:37,50)

It is also true that the Bible speaks of new bodies being made for us at the time of Christ’s Return.  But just think how many different bodies the Lord has given you to enjoy since you were a six-pound baby.  Why should we limit our all-powerful God to giving us just one resurrection body after this poor world, in view of the infinite varieties of bodies that Paul suggests in I Corinthians 15:35-49?