Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.     Matthew 11:28

Rest is one of the most welcome words in every language.  How we look forward to sleep at the close of a difficulty day, or to vacation after a year of hard work.  But the only people who know what real rest is are the children of God.  Augustine testified from personal experience, Our souls are restless, O God, until they find their rest in Thee.  Revelation says that the godless are like the restless ocean, never at peace.  The Christian, on the other hand, enjoys a deep-down peace which the world never knows, and he look forward to that perfect rest predicted in Revelation 14:13.

That rest, however, is not slothful indolence.  Revelation also tells us that the redeemed in glory serve their Master day and night.  They never rest in the sense that we usually think of it, for the simple reason that they are never tired.

There should be more of this “rest” on the day that we call the Sabbath or day of rest.  Many people think that Sunday is given to us for loafing, and they feel very virtuous if they do nothing all afternoon but sleep off a heavy dinner or waste time in idle visiting.

That is not what Sunday is for.  Jesus used to be very busy on the Sabbath, much to the annoyance fo the religious prigs who thought they were being righteous by doing absolutely nothing.  Sunday is a day for resting one’s soul by reading devotional material, especially God’s Word; by helping others in a dozen ways that only Sunday offers opportunity for.  This is the rest that Christ commends.


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