Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.       Revelation 21:1

What is it that will make heaven such a marvelous state to be in?  Sometimes we think it is the lovely surroundings — the sights and sounds, the company of our loved ones, and the absence of sickness and even fatigue.  Others say that it is the privilege of being forever in the presence of God.  But as far as we are concerned the “best” part is that we shall be perfect.  If we were to be thrust into the joys of heaven right now we would be no more capable of enjoying its pleasures than a child at a symphony or a dog in an art gallery.  And the reason why we shall be perfect is that finally, for the first, we shall enjoy full communion with the Lord whose presence completely transforms.  In the beautiful third chapter of First John the beloved disciple says that we shall be like God for we shall see Him as He is.  Just as the moon in its full phase is big, bright, and beautiful because it is looking full into the face of the sun, we shall be like God by reflecting His perfection.

This makes all other conceptions of heaven pale into insignificant “pie in the sky.”  Just think: we will be as superior to our present selves as a butterfly is to a worm, almost as superior as human beings are to dogs.  Imagine what it will be like to have never an evil thought, a temper tantrum, a jealous mood, a dark depression, or even a wisp of temptation.  We shall scarcely know ourselves for the pure wonder of it.  “Can this be I?” will be our waking exclamation when we open our eyes in glory.  Mental telepathy and whatever other wonders God may have in store for us in perfection will be possible only because then we are what we are.


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