More Than Roman Conquerors

…if God is for us, who can be against us?…we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.        Romans 8:31, 37

The Epistle of Paul to the Romans is not the first one that he wrote, but it is the first in our Bibles.  (They are arranged more or less according to length, like the Old Testament prophetical books.)  Many Christians heave a sigh when they read Paul’s epistles, especially one like Romans, and lament that they are so deep and doctrinal.

Well, the first thing to remember is that they were written to young churches, new Christians, babes in Christ, so that they cannot be as hard to understand as we imagine.  The second thing to remember is that we do not have to understand every last word or verse in the Bible to get a real blessing from it.  If we will read our Bibles in the same simple, eager way that the early Christians in Rome read Paul’s Epistles, we are bound to be changed people.  After all, we do not have to understand the laws of chemistry and digestion in order to get real enjoyment and even health and strength from our physical food.

Then, too, we ought to make a real effort to understand the deep things of God.  It is a thrill to think God’s thoughts after Him, just as it is exciting to work out a hard problem in mathematics.

Romans can be divided into three parts.  The first section speaks of universal sin; and it is followed by the good news that there is salvation for all those who are in Christ Jesus.  The third part of the book speaks of the saved sinner’s duty to live a life of Christian service.

People were proud to be Romans in Paul’s day; Rome was a conquering country.  But the Christians of Rome were more than conquerors.  Rome has declined into decay, but the Church of Jesus still stands.


1 thought on “More Than Roman Conquerors

  1. Desiray

    This morning as I was preparing for church, I heard on the radio a song that had those very scriptures. I thought to myself, people will be against us but as long as God is with us nothing can stop God for doing His Will in His children’s life.


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