Seeing the Invisible

[Moses] endured as seeing him who is invisible.             Hebrews 11:27

We see here that the explanation for the endurance and perseverance of the Old Testament believers was that they “saw” that their world of shadows and pictures was not the real one.  Jesus even said, “Abraham rejoiced that he was to see my day” (John 8:56).

Those who believe in Christ endure and persevere in this age in the same way, for Hebrews tells us that the realities of the New Testament are only pictures of greater reality in glory.

The glorified physical bodies we receive will be quite unlike our present ones.  The new heavens and new earth which will remain after all buildings and cities are destroyed will also be different.  And God’s city, the new Jerusalem, being built now in heaven, has foundations that will last eternally.

When God made our present temporary world He made human beings last of all.  But, in the construction of His new Jerusalem, He uses us as His associates.  What an honor!

The new world is and will be so wonderful that we cannot conceive of it with natural minds.  But the fact that there is such a world that no eye has seen and no ear has heard has been revealed to us already.  Because believers “see” this, they can endure whatever happens to them.



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