Who is the Holy Spirit?

The most important fact for any one to know is God.  For one thing, we can’t know anything without him; He is our wisdom.  Now, everybody believes that there is a god.  The trouble is that most people have wrong ideas about Him, and many who have the right ideas do not believe in Him.  Many “Christian” people are in these last two groups.  For example, they have the idea that God is (not are) three individuals, like three separate human beings.  The first one made the world, period.  The second one became a man and saved it (by dying on the cross, etc.). The third is not really real, because he has no body and you cannot see him (it); he is a spirit like we talk about school’s spirit, which is nobody.

This doctrine is called the “trinity”, a word which is not found in the Bible.  It is not wrong to use the word, but it does create a lot of confusion.  It is like saying that water is H2O (which it is), but you can talk about hydrogen and talk about oxygen, and you still don’t understand what water is like.  We should just say what the Bible says about God (or anything else) and not try to make it plainer by making it more complicated.  For example, the Bible says “God is love” – not, notice, loving, but IS love.  Thinking about just that idea will keep us busy enough.  And knowing that God is love is enough to save anybody.

There is only one God.  The Bible says that repeatedly.  (It is impossible for there to be more than one god; that is the mistake of the poly-theists, the native religions which have lots of spirits who fight each other as much as they fight us.)  That one God made the world; He made everything.  He made the angels, for the purpose of helping and serving us.  (He doesn’t need anybody to serve Him.)  Some of these angels (creatures without bodies) rebelled against God and became devils, evil spirits.  Now they are doing everything they can to destroy us, because they cannot touch God.

When human beings were created, they were without sin.  That does not mean they were perfect in the sense of being ready for heaven; they were like “perfect” babies who have to grow and develop, who have not sinned yet and are innocent. But instead of choosing not to sin, and growing better and better (so that finally they just could not sin – which is the way we will be in heaven) our first parents – from whom we have all descended regardless of age, gender, race – disobeyed God, and “sided” with satan, who tempted them to sin.

So what to do?  God could have just junked the whole thing – angels, human beings, the world – and started over.  But then He would not have been “love”; He would not have been God.  Only human beings and demons operate that way.  (Evil for good, or evil for evil.) So, like the life-saver who jumps into the water in order to rescue a drowning person, God “changed himself” into a human being himself.  (Nobody, of course, can understand how that is possible.  But it is so important that the whole world has celebrated Christmas ever since.)  That wonderful human being, who had a body, soul, and mind exactly like ours, except for sin, was perfectly obedient to God, even though it resulted in his being killed because of his refusal to sin and do what is wrong.  But because he was sinless, he rose from the grave (and almost everybody celebrates Easter ever since) and after he showed himself and talked to his followers for about a month, he went to heaven (which is not millions of miles away, but all around us, like TV signals; heaven is the unseen world in which the angels operate, “dead” saints are, and Jesus, who is running it all).

So, Jesus did not really “go away”; he just became invisible.  He is still right here.  Only now he is not with us, but in us.  That is why we say that he “returned”; he “went away” in one form, and “came back” in another, in spirit.  THAT is who the Holy Spirit is; he is Jesus, himself, closer to us than he was to his disciples.  And because Jesus is God, in human form (still today), so the Holy Spirit of course, is God.  Not one third of God; not one of three individuals who together are God.  But God, period, who made the world, then became a man, and now is in our spirits.  Praise the Lord.


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